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Semester 2, Courses:

Code Course Title Lectures Exercises Laboratories Course Description
E2_BI04 Cryptography and Security 4 2 Doc
E2_BI05 System Security II 2 1 1 Doc
Supplementary course 2 details
Supplementary course 3 details
Supplementary course 4 details
Language course 2 details
*The Lecture/Exercise/Laboratories are given in hours per week
+ The courses Cryptography and Security (E2_I04), System Security II (E2_BI05) are compulsory.

+ The "Supplementary courses 2-4" can be chosen freely from the list of such courses available during each term. The selection of offered courses is done after consultation with the students and based on market orientation.

+ The language courses can to be chosen freely from the list of courses offered by Wroclaw University of Technology. (The list contains Polish as a foreign language).