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Semester 3, Courses:

Code Course Title Seminar Course Description
E2_I01 MSc Thesis Doc
E2_I07 MSc Seminar 2 Doc
Supplementary course 5 details
*The Seminars are given in hours per week
+ The courses Master Thesis (E2_I01) and Seminar (E2_I07) are compulsory.

+ E2_I01 is a individual project of a student, where under the guidance of a single faculty member the students performs some research work (on MA level) and has to report the results in a form of a Master Dissertation.
Typically, the topics chosen are hot problems of computer security. The students are supposed to provide concrete and pragmatic solutions based on the current state-of-the-art. The most important evaluation criteria are correctness, novelty and professionalism.

+ E2_I07 is a research seminar where the students read/evaluate/try to improve the current state-of-the-art results of Computer Security Technology. This serves as an introduction to security related R&D work in a team.

+ The "Supplementary courses 5" can be chosen freely from the list of such courses available during each term. The selection of offered courses is done after consultation with the students and based on market orientation.