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Our core team

Our research group is located at the Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology at Wroclaw University of Technology. The research is focused mainly on According to the ranking of Polish Ministry of Science and aducation our Faculty has the top rank "A". Wroclaw University of Technology is one of the top technical universities in Poland in each ranking, and a leader in technology transfer:
+ Rzeczpospolita, Perspektywy Educational Ranking 2014: the best university in innovation category, 3rd place among all Polish technical universities
+ Wprost University Ranking 2014: 2nd university in Poland, whose alumni are the most deserved target of the employers
+ Webmetrics Ranking 2013: 1st place among Polish technical universities 7th place among Polish universities, position 593 in the World
+ Computerworld 2012: 2nd place among the best technical and computer science universities in Poland 2nd place among the most innovative universities
Our tem member have recently the following achievements:
+ IBM Faculty Award in Cyber Security for Prof. Miroslaw Kutylowski
+ IBM Greats Mind Fellowship in IBM Research Zurich for Lucjan Hanzlik
+ FNP Award Impuls for Wojciech Wodo
+ FNP Award Ventures for Lucjan Hanzlik
+ FNP MISTRZ Award for Prof. Miroslaw Kutylwoski
+ FNP young researcher Award for Prof. Marek Klonowski
+ Lipski Award for Prof. Marek Klonowski
+ 2014 Award of the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications
+ Prof. Miroslaw Kutylowski
+ Prof. Jacek Cichon (full professor)
+ Prof. Marek Klonowski (associate professor)
+ Dr. Przemyslaw Kubiak
+ Dr. Lukasz Krzywiecki
+ Dr. Przemyslaw Blaskiewicz
+ Dr. Filip Zagorski
"Young Tigers":
+ Lucjan Hanzlik
+ Kamil Kluczniak
+ Wojciech Wodo
+ Piotr Syga