Team Project "E-court. German versus Polish Procedures",
computer science, master track, 2007

Mirosław Kutyłowski, Marcin Gomułkiewicz

Wydział Podstawowych Problemów Techniki, Politechnika Wrocławska


Current information:


We have to learn the tools for a team work and ``team culture''. This is a practical part of ``Organization of an IT-Project''. The particular goal of this project is to:


This will be a typical business project. The goal is to be achieved by the group of students with a little help from the client (dr Gomułkiewicz and myself, we wish to play a very bad client!). Quality of the project output will be evaluated. Unacceptable output in parts of the project will lead to rejection of the output as a whole. The main goal is to learn how an IT-project look like, and lern team work.


You should learn the work tools during the project. Students from Law Faculty are welcome and will be not discriminated due to less advanced skills in information technology. Ability to communicate in English is necessary, due to foreign participants (optionally, we can switch to German, at least in project subgroups). Documentation will be written in English and Polish. Particularly welcome are the student that wish to devote their professional activities to creating technology for e-society.