Wykład Kryptografia (Ochrona i poufność informacji), studia magisterskie 2005

Mirosław Kutyłowski

Instytut Matematyki i Informatyki, Wydział Podstawowych Problemów Techniki, Politechnika Wrocławska


  • lectures: Tuesday, 15:15-16:55, change: room B, Institute of Mathematics, Wroclaw University, (the building is located next Most Grunwaldzki)
  • tutorials (ćwiczenia) for WPPT students, biweekly, Thursday ??-??, room ??, ??
  • written tests: to be announced

    Current informations:

    Basic literature:

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    presentation of technologies of contemporary cryptography - mathematical foundations, algorithms and protocols, implementation issues, and some legal issues.


    some knowledge of modular arithmetics, algorithms, computational complexity, computer networks

    Preliminary program of the course