Miroslaw Kutylowski - Professor of Computer Science at Wroclaw University of Technology Home page

News 2017:
+ I have joined PC of IEEE GLOBECOM'2017 , Singapore
+ I have joined PC of ISPEC'2017 , Melbourne, Australia
News 2016:
+ I have been reelected to Central Committee for Academic Degrees, representing computer science, mathematical sciences.
+ Marta Mularczyk, my master student, has received a price in the Huawei's "Seeds for the future" student competition, Marta in now a PhD student at ETH Zurich
News 2015:
+ I have joined the PC of Secitc'2016 , Bucharest, Romania
+ We have received the best paper award at BWCCC 2015 for the paper "A New Secure Data Deduplication Approach Supporting User Traceability", by Jianfeng Wang, Xiaofeng Chen, Jin Li, Kamil Kluczniak and Miroslaw Kutylowski
+ I am invited speaker at International Conference on Cloud Computing and Security in Nanjing, China
+ Minister of Justice of the Republic of Poland appointed me to a commission dealing with the issues of security of court documents
+ I have joined the PC of ACM ASIA CCS , Xi'an, China
+ I have joined the PC of IEEE CNCC , Las Vegas USA
+ we start Huawei "Telecom Seeds for the Future" student competition 2015 at Wroclaw University of Technology, the topic is cyber security in ICT systems, Security Lab of Huawei Singapore is supporting us in choosing the winner
+ a group our computer security students will make an internship at CISPA - a joint venture of Saarbrücken University, Max Planck Institute and German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
+ I have been elected to vice leader of WG 2 of COST Action 1403 (CRYPTACUS) .
+ I have delivered an invited talk on "Advances in Privacy Aware Authentication" during IFIP SEC 2015 in Hamburg.
+ I have joined Management Committee of ICT COST Action IC1306 Cryptography for Secure Digital Interaction
+ I have joined the PC of International Workshop on Secure Internet of Things 2015, (ESORICS Workshop), Vienna, Austria
+ I have joined the PC of NSS 2015, New York, USA
+ I have joined the PC of PROVSEC 2015, Kanazawa, Japan
+ I have joined the PC of IWCC 2015 (International Workshop on Cyber Crime), Toulouse, France,
News 2014:
+ The 2015 Huawei competition TELECOM SEEDS FOR THE FUTURE, in Cyber Security, takes place at Wroclaw University of Technology
+ We start a cooperation project with Xidian University on security in cloud computing. The project agreed within the call of Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education and its Chinese counterpart.
+ Congratulations for the colleagues from SKLOIS Beijing for the 10th anniversary of INSCRYPT. Many thanks for the kind recognition of my contribution to the success of INSCRYPT.
+ COST Action 1403 (CRYPTACUS) has started.
+ Congratulations for 10th anniversary of Huawei in Poland.
+ Congratulations for 5th anniversary of IBM in Wroclaw. Best wishes in particular for Security Operations Center.
+ 9th International Conference on Network and System Security (NSS) 2015 , New York City, USA
+ I have joined the PC of ISPEC 2015 and CPSS'2015
+ ESORICS '2014 is over. We thank all contributors and participants of the conference as well as the associated workshops.
+ Congratulations for Pawel Nuzka and Jan Szajda, the winners on WUT of the Huawei competition TELECOM SEEDS FOR THE FUTURE, in Cyber Security, see a movie
+ details of the competition (in Polish),
+ results on WUT,
+ the ceremony
+ We invite to an open session "Cryptography - future and current reality",
+ June 17 2014, 13.00-14.00 , Wroclaw University of Technology, building C-13, room 2.17.
+ Presenters: National Cryptology Centre and Security Research Group of Prof. M. Kutylowski (WUT)
+ We have finalized selection of papers for the ESORICS 2014 conference
+ I will give a keynote talk during ISPEC'2014. Many thanks for Huawei for covering the travel costs.
+ In the first days of May I will visit Xidian University, laboratory of Professor Xiaofeng Chen.
+ congratulations for new PhDs received in the area of security by the members of our group: Dr. Przemyslaw Blaskiewicz, Dr. Michal Koza, Dr. Tomasz Struminski

+ I have received the 2013 Prize from Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications, the prize is given for the contribution for development in the ICT in the country

+ In May 2014 I will visit Xidian University, the security and cryptography group of Prof. Xiaofeng Chen

+ I will present and invited talk during ISPEC 2014

News 2013:
+ I have been invited as a plenary speaker for 22nd ACEEEO Conference, (Association of European Election Officials).

+ together with Rongxing Lu I will chair 1st International Workshop on Secure Networking and Forensic Computing 2014, the workshop is organized with conjunction with IEEE ICC.

+ August 2013: I have served as technical advisor for remote elections for party leader of Platforma Obywatelska , one of the major political parties in Poland
+ the applied remote voting procedure is a variant of code voting
+ interview (in Polish)
+ follow-up information will be available here

+ I have joined Program Committee of ISPEC 2014,

+ I have joined Program Committee of International Conference on Cloud and Service Computing (IEEE CSC) 2013,

+ our stand point on data protection in Europe
+ the statement supports efforts of providing "privacy by design" and denies the claims that privacy protection threatens innovation and competition

+ I have joined Program Committee of ICDCN 2013

+ we have started Computer Security Master Programme at Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology
+ 1.5 years fully in English, starting in February each year
+ the program has been started to match growing needs for cyber security specialists, in particular as a response for locating IBM global security operations center in Wroclaw

+ I have been elected to Centralna Komisja ds Stopni i Tytulow for the period 2013-2016,
+ the committee is a central public authority in Poland responsible for supervising awarding academic degrees
+ I am responsible for mathematical sciences, discipline: computer science,

+ our proposal for POKL Project on Cloud Computing (joint proposal of Faculty of Electronics and Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology) has been approved
+ I am a member of advisory board of the project.
+ I am leading a team that is focused on cloud security.

+ I have joined Program Committee of RFID Sec Asia 2013,

+ I have joined Program Committee of ESORICS 2013,

+ I have received IBM Faculty Award 2012 for the work in cyber security